Message from MD's Desk

Over the years, we at Express Freight System (I) Pvt Ltd are proud of the generous support given by our clients, business associates, well-wishers, We understand and have learnt that our trade does well when our associates do well. Therefore, our customer’s success is our achievement. Today of course, we are proud to be allied with each one of them. With our team of dedicated personnel, which has been a great asset, we hope to continue as we all grow together from strength to strength.
It is our Corporate Philosophy, to continuously steer ahead and strive to be the Market Leaders, with Strong emphasis for Safety, Quality & Commitment, to provide excellent, cost-effective services to our valued customers.
The Company is proud of what has been done so far. We intend to stay undated with economic trends and good business practices. We have resolved introduce scientific management to enhance efficiency in our overall business operations, to work hard and work smart and at the same time, dig out opportunities where no one sees them. It's easier to do your work in good times, but to also learn to enjoy the thrill of overcoming a tough challenge in rough times.
In this environment of business and competition, we believe there are fundamentally two objectives every business must fulfill. First, business must create superior products and services that in turn generates steady profit. Secondly, assume responsibility as good Corporate Citizens.The ultimate aim is to add significant and measurable value not just to our clientele and business but also to our country. The web site would give you a glimpse of our capabilities. I invite you to go through the same and contact us for any requirement. We will be glad to be of service. Yours truly,

- ​Ananda Agarwala (Managing Director)